Aspe Organic is composed of a passionate team always ready for breaking new boundaries regarding innovation. By accomplishing all of our goals, our clients will benefit by getting the best products available on market.

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Botanical Biocontrol Agents

“ Protect your crops with BBA ”

We provide a wide variety of products that get your crops the best possible protection in they're way of growth and blossom. Also available on ISSUU

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Browse through pesticide enhancers, natural fungicides, vine protection related products, fitofortificants, bioprotectors and much more.

All which leave 0 residue

Unlike broad-spectrum synthetic chemicals, these products work specifically against certain pests, without harming other organisms. Since they are living strains, they assimilate into the ecosystem without leaving any toxic residue.

Ecological Repellents

Aspe Organic provides natural crop protection products against mammal and bird attacks. AVE Repellent, a product that acts against all kinds of birds and MAMMAL Repellent which performs an effective action against rabbits, birds, deers, boars and other pests for crops.

Natural crop protection. Ecological products.
Also available on ISSUU